Buenos Aires on the feet: Vandals will destroy the statue of Lionel Messi for the second time

The statue of Lionel Messi at the Costanera Sur ecological reserve in Buenos Aires has been for the second time in a year and a half a target of non-riders, who have cut off the leg image of the captain of the Argentinian team and star of Barcelona this time.

The sculptor  Carlos Benavideza lost his head a year ago, and a revised statue of Lionel Messi suffered another vandal of vandals who cut off the image of the star of Barcelona and the Argentine national team cutting off their ankles. The Promenade at the Natural Reserve Costanera Sur in the coastal area of ​​Buenos Aires is home to many statues of the greatest athletes, such as Guillermo Vilas , Luciane Aymar , Hugo Porta and Emanuel Ginobili .

Local media report that the statue is made of polyester resin and glass fibers and, at least in theory, makes it more difficult to work with vandals, but they obviously find a way again and again to find the way and time for painting the artwork with Messi’s image. The statue was placed in the Argentine captain in the summer of 2016, when he decided not to play for the national team again, but then he changed his mind.

The statue was part of the initiative of Mayor Horacia Rodriguez , who wanted to persuade Messi to convince him to extend the loyalty of the jersey with the national coat of arms. In the previous qualifiers for the 2018 World Cup in Russia, he again dressed in a fascinating style and took Argentine to a mundial with a hat-trick on decisive bargaining with Ecuador. Last year, the statue was quickly repaired in Buenos Aires, but the perpetrators have not yet found it, speculating that the same people are hiding behind this “venture”.

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