How to Watch last 8 games of World Cup 2018 Russia

How has it turned out?

This Fifa world cup 2018 has been no less than a rollercoaster of a journey with surprises all down the line. It has had some of the significant victories and some embarrassing upsets.

Hence, this world has garnered the most attention and has broken world cup streams record worldwide for football.

The last week of the world cup has seen lots of chops and changes around the table at the far end of the league stage. Now, teams are set to clash for the knockout stages and look to play their A game to grab their hands on this precious trophy.

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This world cup kicked off on 14th June with the hosts Russia locking horns with Saudi Arabia to emerge as the clear winner by dominating Saudi by a scoreline of 5-0. It’s a grueling season of 1 month where 32 nations across the globe are the center stage divided into eight groups who compete to reach the knockout stages. Some of the big upsets of this year’s Fifa has been the elimination of Portugal and Argentina and fans were in a state of shock as both teams boast some of the best players in the arena.

What’s on Stake?
With the final two games of the league stage remaining of Sweden taking on Switzerland and in the second encounter England take on the Columbians. Both the games promise to be a crackerjack of a match to battle out for a place in the knockout stage.


The playoff stage of the tournament is set to Friday with Uruguay & France taking on each other followed by Brazil, five-time champs take on the likes of Belgium. On Saturday, Russia and Croatia are set to battle it out as Russia knocked out Spain to become the favorites for the match. Today’s outcome will be vital for all the teams in the contention as England and Sweden are considered to be the favorites. It will be interesting to see how these teams perform and you can watch live soccer stream online via sites like soccer streams that redirect you to streaming channels globally, and give an option to watch last 8 games of World Cup 2018 Russia. You can either watch the stream on your laptop, or some links also have support for mobile streaming of the game.

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The intensity and the build-up surrounding these last eight matches are on perfectly another level, and the crowd show has just been magnificent. The online media is now switching towards soccer stream and allowing users to access live games on the go without any delay or fuss. It just requires you to have an updated Adobe flash player version on your laptop or PC, and mobile links can easily be optimized for world cup streams. The stream is scheduled to start at the stipulated match timings of the day at 5 pm local time and for the second match; it is 9 pm local time zone, Russia. This mega event of football is all set to culminate on 15th July with the epic final. Some great victories and upsets are live streamed all on your devices.

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