How to watch Soccer Streams Online in 2020

Sometimes it’s hard to sit in front of a TV to watch your favorite soccer team play. I mean sure we’d all love to, but life can sometimes be demanding and for some reason or another, you find yourself unable to do that.

So what do you do when you can’t watch your favorite soccer matches in front of a television? You stream online, of course. But the question of streaming soccer matches online has been a challenging one for many fans over the years. Some don’t know just how to go by it, some don’t know where to find it, some don’t even know whether or not it is possible in the first place. Well, first of all we’re here to tell you that watching soccer streams online is, in fact, very possible, and not only is this so, you can also stream these soccer matches online for free!

So how do you stream soccer matches online? You can watch online soccer streams by visiting any of the soccer stream websites and services we highlight below. 

Some of these platforms take reasonable subscription charges before you can stream on their websites, while some are available for free. We go into more details about both options and more in the upcoming sections.

Can I Stream Soccer Games For Free?

Ye, as a matter of fact you can stream soccer games for free without having to pay a dime. Now some might prefer the paid options for some reasons, but if you can’t afford the subscription or just don’t feel like paying for something you can get for free, you should definitely check out the free streaming platforms we highlight below.

We have also provided paid steaming options for those who would love to enjoy the benefits that come with using paid soccer streaming websites.

Where to Stream Soccer Streams For Free Online

  1. LiveSoccer.TV

LiveSoccer gives you detailed information about streaming soccer games, and what’s most impressive is that it does this on a targeted means, based on your location.

For this same reason, it can be effective for some while being ineffective for others. The bottom line, though, is that through LiveSoccer you get to watch soccer games for free and even get detailed information about fixtures and news.

And if you happen to be from either the United States or Canada, you even get a detailed listing of sports bars where you can catch the games with ease.

  1. Reddit Soccer Streams

Reddit Soccer Streams – is a streaming platform created by the moderators of the r/soccerstreams subreddit. The website was born thanks to Reddit taking an action against subreddits where free streaming links were shared, and as a result this soccerstreams reddit was deleted.

All because of this ban, though, the moderators of the previous subreddit created this website where you get links to steam your desired soccer matches.

  1. LiveTV

LiveTV is simple and easy to navigate – two features which we’re always on the lookout for in a streaming site. Apart from the front-end layout, though, the platform itself also offers a range of important matches, along with video archives for matches that you may have missed.

They also have numerous language options in case you’re not from an English speaking region. A drawback to LiveTV, though, is that like most streaming platforms you have to be prepared to deal with some ads.

  1. StreamsGate

StreamsGate is one of the “hybrid” streaming platforms, in the sense that they offer both free and paid streaming services. You get to watch some of your favorite soccer streams for free, but of course if you want to access more options and enjoy more features, then you’d definitely have to go for the paid version.

In terms of outlay and design, StreamsGate is quite up there with the best and the simplest. The streaming quality is great and the premium version offers features such as upcoming games, talk shows, live scoreboards and more.

  1. Laoila1.TV

Laoila1.TV allows you to stream soccer games from all over the world. What’s more, you can even record a match and watch later. Now in terms of charges, Laoila.TV is also one of the hybrid platforms. You have a range of sports that you can stream for free, but you also have some that have to be paid for before streaming. The fees are highly reasonable, though, set at $5 per month. And with premium options you get to enjoy full HD, multiple simultaneous streams, no commercials, and the ability to rewind.

  1. Stream2Watch

Stream2Watch is just like LiveTV in the sense that it is also very simple and easy to use. Also, like LiveTV, Stream2Watch offers a range of language options for non English-speaking users. 

In terms of actual streaming capability, Stream2Watch provides tens of thousands of live soccer matches from all major leagues around the world. You can also chat with other users while you watch. In terms of shortcomings, you may encounter a few ads and the videos may take a while to load successfully.

Paid Soccer Streaming Platforms

  1. Sky Sports

Sky Sports is a well-known, well-established network with access to loads of sporting activities all over the world. They also happen to have streaming rights for almost all major soccer tournaments from the premier league to the champions league and loads more. The Sky Sports streaming service is one of the best and most sophisticated out there. The only problem, though, is that it is quite expensive by whatever means you choose to look at it.

Still, if you have the money and don’t mind paying it, there are more than enough advantages to gain from streaming on Sky Sports that may make the high sum worth it.

  1. ESPN

ESPN is another well-established sports network. Just like Sky Sports, ESPN has access to a myriad of sporting events and tournaments from all over the world. ESPN offers soccer streams on the web as well as on Android and iOS devices. 

Also, while ESPN can also be considered as a hybrid platform (offering both free and paid services) we group them under the paid category thanks to the fact that most of their worthwhile streams are paid anyway.

And furthermore, you get to enjoy loads more high-quality streams under the premium category.

  1. BT Sports

BT Sports has the rights to numerous selected, high calibre soccer matches in leagues like the premier league, la liga, and the Champions league among others. Relatively, they also have a quite reasonable subscription rate and once subscribed you can watch your favorite soccer matches on television and even in game consoles and mobile devices.

Among other advantages of this service is their easy to use platforms, mobile friendliness, high trust level, and high quality streams.

  1. FuboTV

FuboTV offers licensed and legal soccer streams from all over the world. Like Sky Sports, many also regard this service to be quite costly when it comes to payment options. 

For instance, its monthly subscription fee for viewing across all dedicated apps and devices currently stands at $55 per month. It is all relative, of course, but it is safe to say that many would not like to pay such a sum and would prefer instead to go with a free or at least a cheaper option.

Either way, if you happen to pay for this service, you’re sure to enjoy high quality streams, comprehensive device range for compatibility, and uninterrupted streams without pop-ups and advertisements.

Benefits of Free Soccer Streaming Platforms

  1. Affordable – Let’s not kid ourselves, the major reason many prefer free streaming platforms is the fact that they are completely free, and thus affordable by all. Apart from this, everyone would like to enjoy the benefits that come from paid services.

Now don’t get this wrong, a lot of free streaming platforms also offer these advantages. For instance not all free streaming services blast users with pop-up advertisements and so on.

But in the end, the major appeal of the free streaming services has to be their affordability above any other things.

Benefits of Paid Soccer Streaming Platforms

  1. Uninterrupted Streams – One of the major headaches of free soccer streams is the fact that there tends to be interruption during streams. This could be in the form of either having a major lag, or having pop-ups and advertisements interrupt your streaming.

With paid services, however, you don’t have to worry about this problem.

  1. High Quality Streams – On paid streaming platforms you are guaranteed to get high-quality streams all through. This can be either in the form of having seamless, uninterrupted streams, or in the form of picture quality where you’re served full HD, and sometimes even 4K pictures.
  2. Completely Legal – Lastly, streaming on paid platforms gives you the assurance that you’re not watching the games through any illegal means. Now of course this is not to say that all free streaming is illegal. Of course not. But sometimes, to be completely assured, the safest option is to go with paid services.

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