Inter took the top and attacked the title

An extraordinary start of the season, a shooter that is enrolled in anals club and a coach that brings stability after years of chaos. Milan’s Inter took the top of the league after a slim third of the season in Serie A.

Inter has not started this season so well for 11 years. After 15 matches, he has 12 wins and three rebounds and is unprofitable for a big Saturday bout with Juventus in Turin. Although the fans of the Serie A before the start of the season anticipated an explosive return of Milan to the old glory, they turned to differently.
Milan lives and deals with his own-created problems, and Inter was knitting and assembling in the background and shining in full glory. Although coach Luciano Spalletti insists that the main goal of this season is to be ranked among the top four and consequently in the Champions League , the expectations of the Inter’s fans are flying high.
Last year, three coaches spin on Inter’s bench and finished the season in seventh place with 29 points behind Juventus. How can everything be changed in just a few months. The reasons for the current positive in the black and blue part of Milan are sealed in today’s section of the wallpaper.
1. Coach Spalletti
Luciana Spalletti awaited quite a few skeptics when sitting in summer (not hot, but hot). Many were not sure that the Tuscan coach was a suitable candidate, as he did not win the title of the champion with Romo , and doubts were raised as to how he will find himself in Milan, where the pressure is much higher. In the summer, Spalletti was only the third choice for Inter, after Antonio Conte and Diego Simeone were not interested in the service .
Fifteen games later everything is different. Inter under his leadership plays spectacular football , the team no longer depends only on the daily form of Mauro Icardi and Samir Handanovic . The team in the field breathes as one, and Spalletti once again proved to be the master of team spirit. Just like in the first period of the Roma, Francesco Totti set up the unmanaged Antonia Cassan, and at that time, the revolutionary position of the “fake nine” .
At Inter, he set up a settled roommate in which he does not interfere too often. The team of fully uninhabited stars turned into a team of hungry hunters to succeed. That’s why the Gazzetti dello Sport recently announced: “Spaletti has taught this team the football alphabet!”
2. Sagittarius Icardi
If you have a good shooter, you have everything. Inter has to Mauro Icardiju more than just a good shooter. With a goal against Chievo on Saturday, he already ranks among the top ten club’s top scorers in history, but before he became only the third player in Inter history , who scored at least 15 goals in the league’s four seasons.
Icardi’s versatile play sometimes fades with his predatory skills in the penalty area. He has an incredible opportunity, and Spaletti says that he is spinning on the ball as if he was his prey.
Although the biggest offenses are forgotten, the captain of Inter’s fans will never accept him. Over the years, many super-controversial issues have accumulated, from Wando Naro’s law , former wife Maxi Lopez , to extremely controversial records in autobiography, where he criticized the fans of Inter.
Nevertheless, it is one of the best club purchases in history. For the past four years, Sampdoria paid him only 13 million euros . Rumors have recently said they want to sign a new contract in Milan with the captain to double the redemption clause, which currently stands at just ” 110 million euros” .
3. Debtors and novices
Spalletti has well integrated the newcomers to the team and raised the form of debtors of the last seasons. The most obvious is the great twist for the better in the game of Antonio Candra and Ivan Perisic . Although Candreva’s successful Candrevo statistics have already been subject to laughter in Italy, now with seven assistants, the team’s first teammate is now. In addition, he has prepared as many as 47 opportunities for his team this season, which is far from Inter.
With 36, followed by Ivan Perisic, the Croatian wing attacker, who in the summer very much wanted to move to Manchester United . Inter has not eliminated, Perisic has signed a new contract and plays as a reborn. His all-round play takes a breath, his play is an unsolvable puzzle for opposing defenders, with seven goals scored by second shooter Intera, he added six assistants.
In the revival of the Spalletti, we can certainly mention the Japanese Yuta Nagatoma . It plays the eighth season at Inter, and has often been a reserve player, as a standard player of the first team. He has not played as well as this year for many years and an unexpectedly good solution for Inter is a problematic position of the left side defender.
They are also a great addition to the summer team. Central Defender Milan Škriniar, with his technique and attachment to the attack, plays boldly and attractively, Matias Vecino is developing into one of the most noticeable box-to-box connectors in Europe, and Borja Valero veteran with his prudence soothes the game and adds a pinch of fantasy.
4. Suning
The arrival of Chinese giant Suniga to the forefront of Inter has sparked a surge of expectations about the potential obscenity of Inter. This, of course, was not realistic due to the rules of financial fair play, but the Chinese also behaved very carefully. In the light of financial constraints, summer expenses for transfers have amounted to € 80 million , which is large, but at the same time low compared to the most skilled European clubs. At the same time, Inter with sales of players earned close to 70 million euros, so the payoff minus is practically negligible.
The transitional activity now seems to be soothing in comparison with what Milan’s city rivals did. Their summer renovation a few months later seems to be confusing of the epic dimension, while Inter is enjoying the fruits of summer self-esteem.
5. Schedule
On Saturday, Derby d ‘Italia is in Turin , which means that Inter will play at home in the second part of the season against all the most powerful clubs in Italy. Juventus , Napoli and Roma will arrive in Milan , which gives the advantage of “non-challenge”.
And yet: while the other three go and fight in the Champions League , Inter does not play in Europe this season, and consequently the team has more time to prepare for matches and regeneration. With this year’s vulnerability of Juventus all this means that fans of Inter can hope for the end of more than seven years of drought and waiting for the championship title. Serie A last won Inter in 2010.

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