The legendary footballer stepped in to defend Philippe Coutinho: Do ​​not worry fans, Liverpool will do his best

At the end of the leap, when speculation about the Liverpool player Philippe Coutinh does not seem to end, the former Barcelona star Ronaldinho said. The latter fully understands the likes of Brazilian virtuoso in the Reds jersey, but he is nevertheless convinced that he will not go into a dispute with the club.

Despite the fact that the Brazilian had missed the first few seasons of the season, he played for the Brazilian team several days ago. (Photo: AP)

The unfeigned transfer of Brazilian football player Philippe Coutinh to Catalan Barcelona continues to raise dust in the media today. Days ago there was speculation that football virtuoso would give up his appearance in the Champions League in the Liverpool jersey just to play for Barcelona after the transfer in the winter transfer period. In a number of rumors in connection with Brazil, the legendary footballer of the Brazilian national team, Ronaldinho , has responded , who is convinced that his immigrant will not do anything foolish. “This season, he will surely give his best in the Liverpool jersey, he is a kind of player. In addition, no one would be delighted to play big bets in the light of the world football championship,” a former Barcelona member is convinced that Liverpool fans have nothing to fear.

Ronaldinho does not believe in stories that suggest that Coutinho should refuse to appear in the elite Champions League: “I know him, and this is not his way!” Ronaldinho is so confident that in the future, he will be able to get a chance in Barcelona, ​​but still he is sympathetic to the 25-year-old: “I wanted to join Barcelona, ​​but I’m sure he will still get his chance. The Catalans were clear in their I am convinced that this was not their last attempt. ” Jurgen Klopp made sure before the press that Coutinha, despite the unsuccessful Catalan transfer, would accept open hands.

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