Coutinho vs Swansea

Liverpool beat Swansea at Home

At the last match on the “boxing day”, Liverpool had in front of home viewers a fairly easy task which he performed with excellence and defeated last-placed Swansea with 5: 0. Liverpool vs Swansea 5:0.

Coutinho vs Swansea

The Reds opened the game perfectly, with a real masterpiece and quick action. After 6 minutes, the visitors lost the ball. Roberto Firmino extended it to Mohammed Salah and to Coutinho , who led the team with a real masterpiece. It seemed that Liverpool would get Swansea in the first half, but it turned out that the Brazilian goal was the only one in the first half.

In the second half, the home team quickly increased their advantage, this time Coutinho in front of the door was sent to the net by Firmino. Trent Alexander-Arnold raised the lead to 3 – 0 after 65 minutes  . Only a minute later, he scored his second goal in the game. The score was then 0 – 4. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain was noted down as the  scorer.

The Reds stayed in fourth place with this victory and moved closer to another place. Swansea remains in the last place.

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