In the Premier League the end of the transfer period before the start of the season

The president of the European Football Federation (Uefa), Aleksander Čeferin, said in a conversation with German radio broadcasting ARD about astronomical damages when football players crossed out, he said that he was considering redefining the financial rules regarding the so-called financial fair play. In this regard, he did not exclude the possibility of limiting the amount of payments in football.

Ceferin is committed to reducing the differences between clubs. (Photo: POP TV)

The break-in moment occurred during this summer’s summer transfer deadline when the Brazilian star Neymar moved from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain for a fabulous sum of 222 million euros. In the main football federation of the Old Continent, they launched an investigation into the most expensive transfer in football history, as it was suspected that transfers to the French club could result in violations of the financial ‘fair play’.

PSG on August 3 signed a contract with striker Neymar and on August 31, with the teenage star Franc Kylian Mbappe , who came to the French capital as a lone player of Monaco until 30 June 2018. According to this work, the French giant has the opportunity, to buy it in the next year for an amount of EUR 180 million. When PSG takes advantage of the redemption right, the player will sign the contract by June 30, 2022. The media immediately prompted the speculation that a Paris club powered by Qatari’s money had agreed with Monaco to lend in order to avoid breaking the financial ‘ fair play ‘. “With the financial ‘fair play’ we started to establish stability in football. We were successful. However, the times are changing, which means that we must adapt to this, and start the renewal of rules and the introduction of mechanisms to strike a balance in the field of competition in sports, “said Ceferin. Uefa has decided to play a fair game for clubs forced to respect the rules of economy, which means that it is not possible to spend more than the clubs can earn by marketing and selling or acquiring funds.

Ceferin stressed his commitment to ARD that Uefa is not afraid to sanction the biggest clubs if this is necessary. Uefa already has some leverage for effective action and punishment. It can limit the number of registered players in the club, it can limit borrowing and may decide to shorten the summer leap, which could end in late July and not by the end of August. ” Football is actually a fantastic product, and high compensation does not come out of nowhere, but we need to maintain our competitiveness. We do not want the gap between the clubs to become so big that in the end, only a few clubs can afford to play serious football. “

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