Thierry Hazard: Eden is waiting for Real’s call

Belgian football virtuoso Eden Hazard did not prolong the contract with London Chelsea in order to leave the door closed, in case his offer comes from Madrid Real, his father revealed.

Eden Hazard Chelsea FOTO: Getty

Eden Hazard is one of the best footballers of his generation, and in Chelsea he would have to stay up to June in the event of a signed contract. Chelsea recently announced that he had prepared a new contract and better conditions for the Belgian footballer. Hazard has so far served 220,000 pounds a week, and the new contract would cost him as much as 300,000 every seven days.

“One has rejected the offer and does not want to hang on to Chelsea for a long time, as he would like to have completely open hands and opportunities when Real Madrid is knocked out of Madrid. At the moment there are no agreements with the royal club,” said his father Thierry.

Chelsea’s leading men have refused to negotiate with Real in the final deadline.

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